Snow Gardening and it’s Implements

So, it’s winter time and with two feet of snow on the ground there isn’t much digging going on right now. What is a gardener to do? Well in this gardener’s hat collection the Snow Removal hat comes out and a typical 3 hours of snow removal ensues. Oh, did I mention it’s not a professional’s hat that would mean money exchange hands; no it’s simply a necessity in order to move freely from house to chicken coop, house to shop, etcetera; you get the picture.
Over the years I’ve employed many devices in an attempt to limit the time and effort to move this white fluff precipitation that invades us every year. From the typical, fashionable snow removal shovel to a standard grain scoop and yes they worked but not as good as what I used last night! Of course this device is for removing the white fluff from sidewalks, short drives and even the occasional drift that accumulates on the porches.
If you’re trying to move snow from a long drive I would suggest sticking to the plow on the front of your truck or even the four-wheeler or even a really powerful and large snow blower, using the device I discovered last night would work but remember we’re trying to limit the effort and time it takes to complete the task.
Oh yeah, the device. It’s a True Temper Ergo Snow Sleigh, 30 ½ “, that my son picked up at D & B Farm and Home in Coeur d’Alene. The cost for this little effort, ergonomically correct snow sleigh was $60 out the door. Let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. Consider the cost and frustration for the other implements on the market. Typically $33 for a grain shovel, long or short handles and could be as much as $65. The Ergo handle snow shovel, they’re okay but still lack and they run about $30.

Save Your Back

The Snow Sleigh almost removes the snow all by itself. Simply place the sleigh under the snow, give it a little push and viola, it glides like butter across anything. I couldn’t believe my eyes as my son was sleighing the roof, it would push about five to seven typical shovels full of snow in one almost effortless push and he cleared ¾ of a roof in about 45 minutes. The roof covers about 3300 sq. ft. It was too dark to continue so we will finish it today.
Last time we had too much snow on the roof it took three of us about two hours to shovel the roof using our trusty grain shovels.
I had to give it a try. After he came off the roof I grabbed the sleigh and proceeded to the South end of the house to remove the wet, messy slush that had come off the roof and plopped itself on the sidewalk. Now, if you have ever shoveled snow off the sidewalk that has become wet and heavy and slush you know it’s now simple task and I’ll almost guarantee that you’ll perspire at some point and hopefully not break your back in the process. Not with the Snow Sleigh, I removed the slush off the sidewalk in about 15 minutes! The sidewalk is about 50’ long and 4’ wide and it wasn’t a small pile.
I am so impressed with this device that I had to tell you about. It really does take the dread out of having to shovel and it won’t break your back because there’s no lifting, just gliding; hence Snow Sleigh.
Thanks True Temper Snow Sleigh!