Prime Jim – Blackberry

®Prime-Jim Primocane - Fruiting Blackberry Prime Jim is what’s referred to as a PRIMOCANE, What is a primocane?  It simply means that the canes of the plant grow to almost full size and fruit in the first year, unlike the typical garden raspberry which produces its crop on the canes from the previous year.

These primocane blackberries have the ability to produce two crops one on the primocanes(new shoots) in the fall and a crop in the summer on the canes that have wintered over (floral canes).  So what you end up with is an everbearing blackberry plant.

These plants can be mowed in the winter and then will produce only the fall crop on the new canes, if they are tipped they shouldn’t require any trellising.

This variety of prime Jim will fruit on oneyear wood in late August and September and have a more upright growth habit. It is reccomended for home gardeners and has the possiblity of producing two crops.

Hard in Zones: 3-8

Space: 3′-4′ apart

Sun/Shade: Full/Part Sun

Pollinator: Self-Pollinating