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All information contained on this site is for reference purposes only. We stopped all retail sales a few years ago. We do continue to donate our produce and berries along with providing names and references to other local growers.

Haskap plants and Honeyberry explained



Blue Honeysuckle

(gen. Lonicera caerulea L.), Haskap (var. Lonicera emphyllocalyx) , Honeyberry (Russian subsp./var. edulis and kamtschatic)

(Haskap is from the Japanese gene, the following are Russian Gene. Lonicera is the Honeysuckle Genus- , caerulea is the species of Lonicera, emphyllocalyx is the variety of L.caerulea (Lonicera caerulea var. emphyllocalyx), Lonicera caerulea var. edulis & kamtschatic.
Haskap Berries
Haskap is an amazingly hardy, fast growing, high yielding, great tasting berry bush that is relatively new to North America.

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America’s Endangered Appalachian Mountains

What’s your connection to America’s Most Endangered Mountains? Think you don’t have a connection to Appalachian Mountains? You do on a daily basis and don’t know it. Watch the video to find out more; you don’t have to be a West Virginia resident to not have a connection.

One half of America’s electricity comes from coal and the Appalachia coal mines provides 16% of that coal.