No Retail Sales

All information contained on this site is for reference purposes only. We stopped all retail sales a few years ago. We do continue to donate our produce and berries along with providing names and references to other local growers.

Blueberry plants for Zone 4

We have stopped all retail sales but the information contained in this article is still relevant for our area.

We have listed most of the varieties of blueberry plants that we sell at Ramona’s Garden. It is our commitment to mostly sell blueberry plants that are not protected by patent or other licensing, we do sell cross pollinated and/or tissue cultured berry plants.  Some of the varieties we have been asked about we have listed and explained their propagation and listed the parent blueberry plants which in most instances we do sell.

Most of the time when we’re making the decision on what blueberry plants to purchase from our local growers (Idaho, Montana & Washington) we look for plants release by the USDA or other blueberry plants that don’t hold any restrictions. Theoretically, by law, even the home gardener is restricted from sharing or propagating

Blueberry - blossom
Blueberry – blossom

blueberry plants, or other plants, that have a patent or license on them. To sell blueberry, or other plant material, with such licensing requires the reseller to pay a royalty fee on the blueberry plants which are owned by the licensor. Didn’t know you were going to get a tiny law lesson too, did ya?

Okay, so onto the listing of blueberry plants this brought you here in the first place. We look forward to seeing you here at Ramona’s Garden. If you have any questions about the blueberry plants or other plants we sell feel free to email, call or text. It might take me a few to get back to ya but I will!

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Best blackberry bushes zone 4

Best Blackberry bushes for USDA Zone 4

Through the years we’ve grown small test plots of different blackberries tousda zone 4 blackberry

find the best blackberry bushes zone 4 that were easy to care for and provided a good harvest. We have planted test beds of Prime Jim/Jan, PrimeArk, Chester and Black Satin. We’ve have had the best success over the years with Black Satin, which is an old cultivar from the University of Illinois. The Black Satin has had a better survival rate than the other blackberry bushes we’ve planted and good production. The berries are sweet and large. Continue reading “Best blackberry bushes zone 4”