Thanks for visiting us! Ramona’s Garden started in 2003 as a seasonal, small gardening center where we strive to supply plant material specifically for our area. Although the USDA says we are a Zone 5a, those that live in the area know better.

After almost 20 years of growing in the area I became frustrated in the seasonal hunt for plants that will actually survive and grow in the area. Lots of lost dollars, time and frustration is what sprung Ramona’s Garden.

Yes, we carry the usual annuals but, our perennials are Zone 4 and below, our roses are Canadian Roses Zone 3 and below, Fruit that will last here and much more.  Like any addict I had to do something to support my need to plant, grow and water!

Today we’ve changed our focus and brought everything back to our small homestead farm where we are growing red, gold and black raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, haskap (honeyberry) berries and fresh produce for our roadside stand.  We no longer sale retail plants but encourage you to visit Indiana Berry & Plant Co. for your bare root needs.

Indiana Berry & Plant Co.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email, I’ll help as I can.

See you at Ramona’s Garden!


You’ll find us at:

In Athol, ID 83801 directly behind Silverwood

(208) 660-7581


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