Planting a Holy Week or Passion Week Garden

Passion Week / Holy Week Garden IdeasEaster Lily

Passion Week or Holy Week is the celebration and remembrance of Christ’s week leading up to his resurrection which is the final day we call Easter.

A great visual lesson would be a Holy Week Garden or Passion Week Garden planted with living material you could use for all generations to recall the Gospel account. As you read through the Scriptures this week with family and friends find plant material to represent items for each day or even sculptures to fill an area in your yard or house that will give you a living visual.

When planning your living visual garden keep in mind the typical weather for your USDA zone during this time of year. What plant material would be in bloom or evergreen? Is it perennial, biennial or annual? How much space will you need for at least 7 plants? What will the plants height and spread be at maturity? Does the plant need full sun, partial sun, shade or a little of both? Remember this will be a living visual Holy Week Garden so have tons of fun creating it with friends and family.

I’ve listed some items below to represent each day of Passion/Holy Week and it’s major points. You can use the list as a spring board to come up with your own celebration items and expound on the list. The garden material doesn’t have to be potted you could start with seed and watch the garden grow. Continue reading “Planting a Holy Week or Passion Week Garden”