Chester Blackberry (Thornless)

The Chester Blackberry is a semi-erect berry that produces medium to large, round berries that are very deep black in color and super sweet.

They are considered a high quality, high yield berry with uses ranging from eating them fresh, using in preserves or blackberry wine. Being the hardiest of the thornless blackberries they are easy to grow and and the potential of 10′ canes means that you will need to train them on a trellis.

Pruning the Chester blackberry and cutting the previous year’s growth to maintain the plant will keep your berry patch healthy and happy.

Hardiness in Zones: 3-8

Space: 3′-4′ apart

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Lots O’ Fruit Tribute Strawberry

TRIBUTE STRAWBERRY (EVERBEARER) zone 3 – 10 heavy fruiting, medium to large fruit, normal to loamy soil, Resistant to red stele and verticillium wilt, this is a super-dependable choice.

tribute strawberry
Rocky Mt. ancestry means berries as late as November


The Tribute’s medium to large, firm fruit has made it the most popular of the eastern day-neutral varieties. It is one of the most successful varieties in commercial plantings. During the first year, Tribute will peak in September and the next year will bring forth a heavy spring crop. It is resistant to both red stele and verticillium wilt.

Tribute Strawberry is an excellent choice for our area and climate. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be planting a few Tribute Strawberries or just a few, the Tribute Strawberry is an excellent choice.

Space Saving Strawberry

TRISTAR (EVERBEARER)zone 4-8, space saver (hanging baskets, pouches, containers)fruits 3 months after planting, normal to loamy soil, late season peak (earlier than Tribute).

Produces medium to small flavorful fruit – a favorite with home gardeners desiring good dessert quality berries all season long. The first year, Tristar will give its late season peak of production earlier than Tribute. But, for a steady harvest of strawberries, both varieties should be planted. It is resistant to both red stele and verticillium wilt. Excellent for use in patio gardens and/or hanging baskets.