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Growing Raspberry Plants in Idaho

Black Raspberries (Black Caps)
Black Raspberries
(Black Caps)

I recently received an inquiry regarding pruning, supporting and caring for raspberry plants in Idaho (I assume); they were needing a second opinion.  This time of year we are so busy it usually takes me a day or two to answer emails, get caught up on phone calls and blog inquiries and so it was regarding this inquiry.

My answer was a little lengthy regarding the care and support of raspberries, I tend to cover, cover, cover the bases when answering; inevitably I am sure somewhere down the line I’ll miss something… anywise, back to growing raspberry plants in Idaho. Continue reading “Growing Raspberry Plants in Idaho”

How to prune your blueberry bush

Knowing how to prune your blueberry bush is easy once you realize you are growing the bush for fruit production and not just ornamental purposes.

Fruiting plants tend to look a little spindly in the beginning of the season but this allows the blueberry bush to concentrate on producing fruit and not a landscape ornamental look, full of leaves and vegetation.  Although a good pruning of your blueberry bushes will cause it to fill in nicely the crop will be far better when following some simple tips of what to look for and how to effectively prune your blueberry bush.

We’ve chose to refer to a video, Pruning Blueberry Bushes, from the the University of Maine for reference; because of the climate and easy to understand steps. Here’s a few things to remember when you prune your blueberry bush:

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